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We meet Wednesdays at 11:30 AM
Presidential Banquet Ctr.
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Meeting Cancellation Policy - Severe Weather
Meeting Cancellation Policy:
Our meetings are canceled only when there is a Level One or Higher Weather Warning for Montgomery County. Please check the news during inclement weather to see if a warning is in place before heading out. We want all our Rotarians to remain safe. Click here for an update by WDTN
Home Page Stories
With your generous donations of fabric and elastic we're doing good in our neighborhood(s)! Brenda sewed her 1,000th mask on Sunday and she reports over $2,400 raised for our foundation to give to the local food banks. Her sewing machine broke at about the 800 mark but one of her friends had a spare and we continued on. Her business will be opening up next week, but she'll continue sewing in the evenings and weekends. It's been a great project with support from so many of our members and a wonderful way for our club to help so many in our community. Thank you to everyone!
Our club has donated more than 400 masks to area nursing homes! We're still sewing! 
The need for masks now that the CDC has recommend every individual wear them if in public is overwhelming. We are doing our part to get them to those who need them. They are free to anyone who needs them, but if they are able to make a donation to our club foundation - we can do even more positive things in our community - like support food banks, scholarships and other non-profits. The most important thing though is for everyone to stay well. 
Below are photos of some of the prints - these are colorful - and the selection varies daily (I promise they aren't all 'girly') ! The masks are machine washable, have a wire at the top to mold to your nose, a pocket to insert a filter or extra layer of protection such as a tissue, coffee filter or hepa filter. According to the CDC machine washing is enough to sanitize your masks. DO NOT PUT IN THE MICROWAVE!  Some tie on, some have elastic or performance fabric loops. If you need them, contact us and we'll do our best to help.
Hello Rotarians, 
Our club is supporting the million mask challenge. Home sewers across the nation are making reversible masks for health care workers and essential employees that will be needing them. These masks are NOT N95 that would be effective against the COVID-19 virus, but these masks are crucial for freeing up those masks for the health care workers who need them the most. These can be used by workers who are seeing patients that are non-COVID-19, or who are not in direct contact. So they are important with what's coming.  I will add the mask pattern to the download section to the left for those who sew or know sewers. 
Brenda is spearheading our clubs efforts. Don's wife, Donna is sewing, Peter is mobilizing a team at the hospital to make 2,000 of them and others are donating supplies for sewers and contacting other sewers. 
We need help with supplies! Send them to Brenda or she can pick up when she does a grocery run next time. If you order on line you can send directly to her home. 
Fabric - 100% cotton, colorful. The masks are reversible and each side should be a different color. If you can gather 1-2 yards for us that is helpful. 
Elastic 1/4" - any color, but it won't work if it's wider (it pops off the ears) THIS IS IN SHORT SUPPLY Please look for this on your grocery outings. Most grocery stores have a small notion section. Dollar General also might have them.
Wire, paper clips - I think I have enough of these but if you plan on making them you will need wire so the nose can form to the face more securely. 
Click the video (photo on left) to hear what we're doing and how the masks are constructed.
Keep healthy and safe Rotarians. 

Dear Kettering Rotary  Friends
As we face very troublesome times with the onset of the Corona19 virus we want to ensure that you have helpful information as you, your family and friends do all you can to navigate the times ahead.
In an abundance of caution we will follow the counsel of Public Health officials to reduce gatherings and cancel Kettering Rotary meetings March 18-April 1 with a review and possibly resuming April 8.
I will miss meeting with you and encourage you to stay connected via e-mail and telephone!
I want to thank Brenda and Bill who have created such a marvelous list of speakers whom we will now have to reschedule.
I have provided some links to the CDC for your personal use and perhaps to share with your faith community.
The following links will take you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  1. Resources for Home:
  2. Interim Guidance for Community and Faith Leaders:
  3. Checklist for Community and Faith Leaders:
  4. Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations:
We join together in thought and prayer for the safety and healing of our community and the nations of the world!

The City of Centerville will honor Bob Lamb for his service along with other Veterans at the city’s Veterans Day Ceremony, November 11 at 11:00 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial at Stubbs Park, 255 West Spring Valley Pike. Please try and attend this wonderful presentation.
We're so proud of you Bob - your service to our Country and our club is always inspiring. 
Bob Lamb served in the Army Air Corps between 1943 and 1946. He was a bombardier instructor for six months and spent a year as a navigator on a B-25 in the Western Pacific after having earned his wings as an aerial navigator and bombardier.
Lamb says within the span of three or four weeks in 1945, his squadron experienced four incidents involving the deaths of 19 of their own men and an unknown number of Army soldiers. During one of his missions, Lamb was part of a group asked to give ground support to American infantrymen on an island in the Philippines. Because of the strategy employed by his bomb group, which involved low level strafing and bombing, they had only one plane equipped with a bombsight for high altitude operations.
The bombardier in the lead plane was to focus on a smoke bomb fired into the Japanese held location by our infantry, but it was snuffed out by the enemy and one of their own was sent back. The bombardier became confused and signaled “bombs away” over their territory.
Only the lead squadron released their bombs since the other three saw the error in time. However, the lead squadron of six planes had to repeat the original pattern for the other eighteen to unload on a correctly positioned smoke bomb.
Two of Lamb’s original crew were killed near Borneo in another “friendly fire” incident. After the war, Lamb took the opportunity to visit their families in Illinois and Kansas.
In New Guinea kunai grass grows up to 15 feet tall. Returning from a mission, the U.S. B-25s were forced to fly so low that grass was picked out of the engine cowlings after landing.
Only last year, 206 letters Lamb wrote to his parents were discovered in a storage area, as well as copies of the 130 letters they sent to him.
Each year KHN holds a Mission Conference. 
Part of the event includes an evening of music inspiration.
As partners with KHN in the Tornado Relief and in the Tour de Gem, I would invite the members of our KRC to join this event should they wish.
Note – the doors open at 6 – this is a very popular singer – used to be known as Third Day so expect a large following.

Dayton Citizen of the Year, Legion of Honor induction of Dr. Roy Chew

Dr. Roy Chew is honored at the banquet today. 
Kettering Rotary was well represented today with our own President offering the Invocation at Dr. Roy Chew's induction to the Legion of Honor from the Dayton President's Club.
Mayor Don Patterson declared 'Dr. Chew' Day in the City of Kettering.
Kettering Rotary Table
Mel Haines, Josie Burns and Bill Largo
Brenda Stansfield and Mark Schwieterman
Other Rotarians in attendance: Woody Stroud and Amy Schrimpf


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With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.

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