A brief history of our club

Seeking our charter. 

The Kettering Rotary Club was allowed to seek a charter after District Governor, Dr. David Warner of the Xenia Rotary Club, interceded and asked the Miamisburg Rotary Club to sponsor the Kettering group. The Kettering Rotary Club was formally organized on December 18, 1963, in the very active, progressive and growing community of Kettering, Ohio. There were thirty-three charter members that began Kettering Rotary. Our last charter member, Chester Roush passed away in 2013.


Our Club from the early years and today!

Our club would invite renowned speakers and host lecture series. This was a very popular fundraiser. In the 1970's you'd attend four for only $10.00!
In the early years the club would host special holiday parties complete with Santa and gifts to brighten the lives of Kettering children. (Tony Furst as Santa, later Steve Hopkins)
Our club has a long history that continues of attending the big festival over labor day weekends. From Casino nights, walking in the parade or selling pizza or poffertjes - you'll usually see us somewhere that weekend. Pictured Norm Hayes & Tim McCrate promote our 5k Fun Run in 2011.
LEADERSHIP: Kettering Rotary, as of 2022 ,has had two members serve as District 6670 District Governors: Bob Hadley & Bud Ragan. Many of our Members have served at the District & International Level. Creating stronger clubs and serving our communities better. 

Our own 'First Ladies of Kettering Rotary' 

First Woman Member: Bobbie Roland: Inducted to Kettering Rotary Club - January 1, 1988

Bobbie Roland told us that in 1981 she began her real estate career. However, interest rates were crazy high and many people decided the best way to sell a home was through auction. She had a sponsor to send her to Auctioneer School in Kansas and she then apprenticed. She was asked to do a charity auction for TWIGs - something she'd never done before. At that time, women were NOT allowed to join Rotary, but they did ask her to run a few auctions for their fundraisers for Hipple Cancer Research Center. In 1987, things changed. There was a Rotary club that had registered with only first initials and last names, unbeknown to RI, those members were WOMEN! (Gasp!) Once they found out, Rotary International revoked their charter. And the women didn't give up - off to the Supreme Court, and low and behold, women were granted membership! (Seriously, where would they be without them?) At this time, Bobbie was invited into membership as an 'Auctioneer' since the Real Estate category was already taken.  She said the men couldn't have been more gracious to her and that she is proud to be a member of our club. We're equally proud to call her one of our own! So, there you have it - a bit about women trailblazers in Rotary. 


First Woman Club President: Linda Crouch Roepkin 2003-2004

First Woman District ADG: Brenda Stansfield 2012-2013 & 2021-2022

The club celebrated their 50th year in 2013. 


College education scholarships have a long history as the driving force behind fund raising activities of the club. In 1998 we added the "STRIVE" program that matches KRC members with local high school seniors in the bottom third of their class to help them stay in school, achieve better grades, build self confidence about preparing for the world of work, graduate and continue their education in preparation for their future. At least three scholarships, equivalent to the cost of one year at Sinclair Community College, are awarded to the most improved STRIVE students at Fairmont High School each year.


Our club has hosted many Group Study Exchage Teams and Exchange Students. Pictured left is the Nigerian GSE at an open house of a Rotary member. We've made life long friends from Maylasia, Singapore, England, Nigeria, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Japan and Finland (just to name a few!)


We are also proud to have sponsored Exchange Students, Group Study Exchange Team Members and Cultural Exchanges as well. Pictured left is Amy Ernst, a fifth grade teacher at the time, who traveled to Estonia & Finland to study education. Amy, as of 2022 is now a Principal in the Dayton Public School System. Her trip was a huge part of her development in her career as both an educator and administrator.