Wende's last 'official' meeting was a day of fun and fellowship!  We had challenges (and PRIZES!) for the winning members and teams. We played:  

Hanky Panky, Movin' on  Up, Junk in the Trunk (video below) and Bobble Head PLUS each table competed in a crafting challenge to create the ROTARY wheel.  Missed it? Want to re-live it?  I'll be posting an album on line with more fun and frolic soon... so... stay tuned!  



A MINUTE TO WIN IT' - JUNK IN THE TRUNK: Each contestant is trying to shake ping pong balls out of their 'trunk' and spell out R-O-T-A-R-Y! Just one of the summer games we played today. Watch for some great photos of other challenges... coming soon! Woody was the victor, but only beat out Bob L by a fraction of a second... it came down to spelling out ROTARY faster. 

 Matt's Team has the winning WHEEL!

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matt's team wheel  larry's team wheel  lisa's team wheel  mel's team wheel