Membership is the life blood of every service club. This year I am committed to spreading our Kettering Rotary love to others in our community, and every member can help!  How? First and foremost - get involved or stay involved with our club service projects.  There is something that everyone of you can do.  Join a committee, volunteer at the meetings and tell people about the good that we do. 

Now, the fun part - I will 'Pardon' any Rotarian from having to pay any fines when they bring a potential member to a meeting. You'll get a coin that you can use at a future meeting to pass the buck ... to me! Yep, I'll pick up your fines for that meeting and what's more - if your guest becomes a member - I'll give you a gold coin that is good for a month of fines!  Of course, there are a couple of things you should know. I DO have a 'Debt Limit' of $2.00 per Rotarian per meeting (so no you can't go crazy to get my monies!) Second, even if you are fined $3.00 in a meeting, I'll cover two and the other is waived. 

In addition - we want to have a little Rotary Competitive Spirit.  So... everytime you volunteer or give service to the club - we'll be watching (Yep, a bit of big brother) and soon we'll give awards for our Super Rotarians and our UBER Rotarian!  We're after 100% participation from our club. 

So just to entice you... check out my coinage!