Brenda Stansfield started the meeting talking about the dinner she attended for the Legion of Honor and mentioned the fine Kettering Rotarians (three of them) who are on the wall.

She also announced that after ten years of service as song leader, Chuck Sunderland is looking to retire his pitch pipe. Any volunteers to lead us?

With Wende’s leave of absence, Mel has re-inherited the duty roster. Kathy Johnson volunteered to take that over.

Lisa Routsong introduced guests, which included her friend and prospective member Melissa.

Paul Holcomb gave the invocation, but before he did, he mentioned that his pharmacy was involved in Sunday’s robbery, and he was glad not to have been there. (we’re glad for that too, Paul!)

Tom Minnich led us in song: “The Happy Wanderer”

Mark Schweiterman served as SAA. He fined Kathy Johnson for being on the radio representing her bank, he also levied future fines against his fellow representatives of the City of Kettering for not being there to hear his program. Trivia time included facts about the City, which raised little money . . .

Happy dollars included:

·         Lou Ponziani announced that his only granddaughter got married two weeks ago and had a lovely wedding at Moraine CC.

·         Don Walls gave an update on Steve Huelsman who is now part-time with the City of Middletown and recently had a clear cancer scan.

·         Proud mama Brenda highlighted the successes of her son who has been a media star over the last week. Last night he was honored by the City of West Carrollton for the mural he created.

·         Tom Minnich announced that Ohio State’s marching band will play at the Schuster Center on Nov. 9.

·         Woody Stroud gave bucks for Miami’s first football victory against Army and the patriotism that was on display

·         Paul Holcomb mentioned that he enjoyed Saturday’s band competition at Fairmont

·         Digger highlighted two events at David’s Cemetery which featured the City’s VIPs

·         Mark Schweiterman gave a buck for walking past the woman who robbed his usual Speedway.

Following his duties as SAA, Mr. Schweiterman shifted gears and assumed the role of speaker, after a warm intro from Tom Gabrielson!

Mark highlighted the latest activities in the City of Kettering, including:

·         The many upgrades in the Parks & recreation department, which amounted to $18-19 million of renovations due to the passing of the bond levy

·         Construction on Wilmington Pike/Dorothy Lane intersection is coming to an end later this month. This was a $5 million project, which used less than $100,000 of city funds.

·         The city’s first marked bike lane opened on Forrer.

Mark also provided an update on projects planned for 2012, but you had to attend to get all the great scoop on those! After a great presentation, Mark fielded a number of questions.

Announcements followed. Larry Hodapp announced the paul Harris Fellow raffle. Beth Ling mentioned that we are just over two weeks out from the Run For Your Life (Oct 28). We’re still seeking volunteers and have flyers available for distribution.

Lisa Routsong received her Every Rotarian Every Year sticker.

After careful consideration of the cards, Bruce Jump won the Luck of the Draw!

Notes submitted by Beth Ling.