Last week I had the honor of attending The President's Club Legion of Honor luncheon on behalf of Kettering Rotary and as the guest of Vectren at the invitation of fellow Rotarian Lynda Hoffman.  Thank you Lynda, it was much appreciated to be in the presence of over 400 mover and shakers in the Dayton area as Judge Rice joined the wall of fame of truly great men and women in the Miami Valley.

Three of our past Kettering Rotary Presidents were on the wall of fame, cast in bronze - it made me, once again, extremely proud to be a member of our club.  The history of our club should not be lost, the work we do should be celebrated. Here, for those of you who may not have had the pleasure to see the Legion of Honor wall at the Convention Center, are our past Rotarians:


 If you have stories to share about these great men, please share them with the club.