Close to 20 residents, staff and Rotarians enjoyed the performance of Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra's String Quintet at Mary Irene Gardens on Monday, 23 January.  Mary Irene Gardens is one of the four Franklin Foundation's fixed-income senior housing apartment buildings in Kettering that Kettering Rotary supports.  The quintet's cellist, Christina Coletta, said that it was wonderful for them to perform for an adult audience -- their last four "gigs" had been for grade school audiences!  The repertoire was mostly classical with several nostalgic pieces at the end.  The bassist, Jon Pascolini, said that this particular double bass was handmade of spruce and maple.  The maker numbered each instrument he made.  This is #9 and there is an ~6-inch "9" etched on the back; he etched the 9 planets on the back also.