Dear Kettering Rotary  Friends
As we face very troublesome times with the onset of the Corona19 virus we want to ensure that you have helpful information as you, your family and friends do all you can to navigate the times ahead.
In an abundance of caution we will follow the counsel of Public Health officials to reduce gatherings and cancel Kettering Rotary meetings March 18-April 1 with a review and possibly resuming April 8.
I will miss meeting with you and encourage you to stay connected via e-mail and telephone!
I want to thank Brenda and Bill who have created such a marvelous list of speakers whom we will now have to reschedule.
I have provided some links to the CDC for your personal use and perhaps to share with your faith community.
The following links will take you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  1. Resources for Home:
  2. Interim Guidance for Community and Faith Leaders:
  3. Checklist for Community and Faith Leaders:
  4. Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations:
We join together in thought and prayer for the safety and healing of our community and the nations of the world!