Highlights of the evening. Click below for more!

A BIG thank you to Kelsey for planning a great event.
Who wore it best? Kathy or Donna? They were great fun together!
Brenda, Bob and Missy are in the Holiday Spirit.
Maxine is picking her third (and final) gift!
A packed house and President Marilynne is making sure everyone is having a great time.
Bob Hadley and his lovely wife Judy are in good spirits. 

More fun and festivities....

Looks like Beth has found the wine!
Marilynne finds the glasses too!
Brad and his wife get a six pack tool belt - with BEER!
Oh boy! Snowballs for Marc - he'll get the real ones this weekend in Breckenridge!
A beautiful embroidered pillow found a home with Bob Lamb - although I think his daughter Becky might have her eye on it.
Al found the 'emergency disposable underpants' - they might come in handy driving with Mer!
Don and Donna - sweet as can be. 
Andy and Debbie dazzle their table mates with bubbly conversation... right Andy?
Bruce doesn't seem to like his present .... hoping for a steal!
What did you get Kerrie? Brad is eyeing your mugs!
I think there's a plot being hatched at this table...
Bobbie gets a chance at something great (or not)... I think this was stolen a bit later.