Jan 27, 2021
ZOOM: Eddy Choueiry [speaking from Lebanon]
Little Known Lebanese Heritage
My talk will cover different aspects of Lebanese heritage such as the cedars, traditional houses, railways, and maritime heritage. This journey is based on several books that I wrote since 2011. You will discover a Lebanon that is still unknown to most  Lebanese people!

After my studies In psychology and philosophy, starting in 2011 I wrote several books about different aspects of Lebanese heritage, for example, the railways, the fishermen, architecture, and recently, Beirut and its port.

I have exhibited at the International Art Festival of Beiteddine (three exhibits), followed by an exhibition, a book signing, and a conference in the Arab World Institute - IMA-PARIS. 2014.  I also had two exhibitions at Mark Hachem Gallery.

Since 2013 I have presented at several conferences and exhibitions on topics related to Lebanese Heritage from Paris to Milan and recently in Jordan with the collaboration of the Lebanese embassy.