Scribe Report
Kettering Rotary Meeting
October 26, 2016
The meeting started with the ringing of the bell at noon
Tim McCrate gave a the prayer in the team catholic tradition
This day in Dayton history – Beginnings of IBM started in Dayton – The Dayton Computing Scale Company
Song Leader & Pledge by Dave – My Country Tis of Thee
Don was SoA and he fined Brenda (the original) for the TMcC award.  Quized us on voting trivia, Remember it’s Wyoming’s fault. Happy Birthday Bucks from Kerrie and 29 year old Bob. Marilynne was happy for PSU beating OSU
Announcements: -
Next year’s District Youth Exchange goal is 20 students. Bud’s wife Marty is doing much better after her recent fractured hip.
We had a club forum presented by Larry – Foundations and Marilynne – the Club’s future
Larry talked about the Rotary Foundation: Goals of the Foundation, ways you can help with the Paul Harris Fellowship program and EREY Every Rotarian Every Year - $100 donation and also about of local KRCF – Kettering Rotary Club Foundation.
Marilynne has been visiting other Club’s in our District to learn what they are up to and bring back their best practices for us to consider. We currently have 49 members and 16 of those to not regularly attend. She discussed possible change to the club – Increasing Dues, Young Executive Members to include social and networking events, Meeting less often than every week. Members would like to see a club budget and future non-dues income plans
Luck of the Draw, what’s his/her name drew one of the 51 non-winners (Editor's Note I think Larry means Bruce Jump).
Your cubby reporter in the next room, Larry