EDIT: Our club donated over 1,500 masks and collected $4,000.00 in donations that will be used for Food Banks and other community projects. 
Our club has donated more than 400 masks to area nursing homes! We're still sewing! 
The need for masks now that the CDC has recommend every individual wear them if in public is overwhelming. We are doing our part to get them to those who need them. They are free to anyone who needs them, but if they are able to make a donation to our club foundation - we can do even more positive things in our community - like support food banks, scholarships and other non-profits. The most important thing though is for everyone to stay well. 
Below are photos of some of the prints - these are colorful - and the selection varies daily (I promise they aren't all 'girly') ! The masks are machine washable, have a wire at the top to mold to your nose, a pocket to insert a filter or extra layer of protection such as a tissue, coffee filter or hepa filter. According to the CDC machine washing is enough to sanitize your masks. DO NOT PUT IN THE MICROWAVE!  Some tie on, some have elastic or performance fabric loops. If you need them, contact us and we'll do our best to help.