Judicial Campaigns | Trial by Fire (And Other Fun Stuff...)
Mar 22, 2023
Judge Kimberly A. Melnick, Common Pleas Court
Judicial Campaigns | Trial by Fire (And Other Fun Stuff...)

Hon. Kimberly A. Melnick

Judge Melnick came to the Bench, in March 2022 after serving most of her 28-year career prosecuting criminal cases.

She began her career in the Prosecutor’s Office in January 1994.  In 1998, she entered private practice before returning to the Prosecutor’s Office in 2000.  From 2002 to 2006, Judge Melnick served as a Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County, Colorado, returning to Dayton and the Prosecutor’s Office in November 2006.

At the Prosecutor’s Office, her duties included Supervising Attorney of the Grand Jury/Intake Division, Supervising Attorney for the Adult Protection Unit, as a Trial Supervisor, training and managing trial attorneys and most recently with the Violent Crimes Bureau, prosecuting only homicide cases.

Judge Melnick graduated Wright State University 1990, with a B.S. in Marketing, and earned a Juris Doctor in 1993 from the U.D. School of Law.

She is a member of the Dayton Bar Association and the Carl D. Kessler Inn of Court.  She serves on the Common Pleas Court’s Information Technology and Security Committees.

Her courtroom is Number 10, on the fourth floor, the second courtroom on the left hand side of the hallway. Hope you get the chance to visit Judge Melnick's Courtroom; just hope you are there in civliian clothes!

Judge Melnick, Welcome to Rotary at Kettering!