Feb 02, 2022 11:30 AM
Kathleen Clawson - Artistic Director
Dayton Opera - Finding Wright

This opera is a world premiere, sparked when current Dayton Opera Artistic Director Kathleen Clawson and librettist Andrea Fellows Fineberg uncovered a unique gem in Dayton’s past right in the middle of Dayton’s Woodlawn Cemetery. Finding Wright is the story of human connection and emotion, centering on the life of Katharine Wright, sister of two of the most famous Wrights of Dayton, brothers of flight Orville and Wilbur Wright. Finding Wright is the first-ever full-length opera commissioned for and presented by Dayton Opera! One of the most exciting aspects of Finding Wright is that it has been created and will be presented by a team of four of the most talented individuals in today’s opera world, all of whom just happen to be women! With music by award-winning composer Laura Kaminsky, performed by the Dayton Philharmonic under the direction of conductor Susanne Sheston, along with libretto from Andrea Fellows Fineberg and directed by Kathleen Clawson herself, this opera will be an exciting event for Dayton this February!