Apr 14, 2021
Michelle Collier and Marcia Ehlers
Good Neighbor House Medical Clinic Expansion

Michelle Collier, MPA, Chief Operating Officer, and Marcia Ehlers, Assistant Director of Human Services and Outreach will discuss the Good Neighbor House medical clinic expansion. 

Good Neighbor House offers a full range of human and health services to the community as we collaborate with many local agencies to assist clients. Our services are in consideration of our neighbors and their needs. We currently offer: dental clinic, medical clinic, eye clinic, special dietary needs program, counseling, pharmaceutical dispensary, and a food pantry.

Today our uninsured neighbors are facing a great vulnerability because of increases in unemployment, loss of health insurance, and overall insecurity due to COVID 19. Just as soon as the pandemic arrived, Reach Out of Montgomery County, a charitable clinic, closed their doors, effectively leaving thousands of people in need of family medicine, a pharmacy, behavioral health, and physical therapy. We worked with Montgomery County and other key players to open a pharmaceutical dispensary in May to provide an average of 130 prescriptions per month valued at $40,000.  By the end of the year, we had all of the associated programs in our clinic, in addition to the services we were already providing.  Around the same time, Soin Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program joined our medical clinic, which allowed us to increase patient volume and double available appointments. By the end of the year, we had outgrown our physical space. You can provide necessary and quality care to our uninsured neighbors through your support of our medical clinic expansion project.